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7:00 PM

Suggested Arrival Time
Arrive Sunday to participate in Monday’s Networking Activities.

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Spend your morning learning and your evening networking! Join us for a morning Innovation Workshop on a critical topic, and then later bring plenty of business cards, relax, meet-and-greet during an evening devoted to making new contacts and new friends.

8:00 AM

Innovation Workshops: Registration, Continental Breakfast and Exhibition
Exchange ideas, gain new perspectives, and power up your professional network during these interactive innovation workshops. Registration for a lab may incur an additional fee. See registration page for details.

8:30 AM

Innovation Workshops Begin

Choose one of the following:

Workshop 1: The A-Zs of Customer Centricity

Oseas Ramirez Assad, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist
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The top Fortune 50 companies look very different today than what they did 10 years ago. The rise to prominence from many of the tech titans has been fueled by their technological prowess as much as due to their customer centricity. Now, in 2018, this has to be taken to a new level of radical customer empathy. Join us in this session to explore the basic components of radical customer empathy, how to connect it as the base for service design as the bedrock for all innovation in your organization.


  • Experience first-hand the use of deep empathy methodologies, embodied in practical, applicable templates
  • Practice techniques that demonstrate how deep empathy is the foundation for proper service design, giving them fresh perspectives on where to focus innovation pursuits on
  • Take back to their organization an actionable perspective, tools and high-level understanding of metrics to drive the deep empathy-service design-innovation triad for true customer centricity

About Your Innovation Lab Leader:

Oseas is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with a 20-year track record of spearheading innovation at startups and within large enterprises. Oseas founded and led three Mexico-based startups: Wawa, an online marketing and social media management firm; WeKnow, Mexico’s leading e-learning solutions and services provider; and, Enerpanda, focused on growing green energies such as LED lighting and solar technology. He started his career co-founding a web development business at age 17, and then continued as the CIO of a newspaper one year later.


Workshop 2: Mastering the Art of Agile Product Development


Dana Mata, Transformation Leader and Agile Coach: Speed to Market, Innovation Group, Wells Fargo
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Rapid change requires vigilant continuous improvement, innovative excellence, and organizational agility, making faster, customer-centric, value-driven market delivery business imperatives to master. This interactive workshop will utilize case studies, best practices, and group exercises to provide participants with tools and techniques to aid in the strategic development for building a structured framework (people, process, tools) to start and scale (crawl, walk, run) enterprise-wide Agile innovation, including the cultural, behavioral, and operational changes required to realize benefits and remain relevant.


  • Framework for driving the innovation process and transformative change utilizing Agile core principles
  • Toolkit for aligning interdependencies and scaling enterprise-wide Agile transformation
  • Growth guide and tactical solutions to launch, scale, and sustain innovation excellence
  • Guide to effectively and efficiently leading the innovation process (being Agile vs. just doing Agile)
  • Lessons learned: Common issues, obstacles, and opportunities (Agile SWOT analysis)

About Your Innovation Lab Leader:

Dana is a Transformation Leader within the Wells Fargo Speed to Market Innovation Group. She inspirationally facilitates leadership and organizational development through enterprise-wide evangelism, adoption, utilization, proficiency, and scalability of Agile principles, practices, and tools across diverse stakeholders. Utilizing leading change management best practices and Agile methodologies — anchored by cross-functional teams, value-focused delivery, user story methodology, iterative delivery, data-driven decisions, and continuous improvement — she coaches leaders on the cultural, behavioral, operational, and structural changes required to develop an Agile mindset needed to effectively influence and drive enterprise-wide transformative and sustainable change from ideation to execution.

12:00 PM

Innovation Workshops Networking Lunch
For Innovation Lab Participants

12:30 PM

Sponsor Workshop

2:00 PM

Sponsor Registration & Orientation Reception

2:45 PM

Speaker & Thought Leader Orientation
An essential meeting for speakers, facilitators and confirmed thought leaders to preview the event, highlight your roles and network with fellow peers.

3:30 PM

Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet

This end-user/practitioner networking activity is your opportunity to identify – right out of the gate – those peers who share challenges similar to your own. It’s a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from and to facilitate later dialogues throughout the event.

4:30 PM

“Discover the OC” Scavenger Hunt
Join us in exploring the Orange County area in this Amazing Race style scavenger hunt! Break into teams and compete for bragging rights all week. Armed with a video camera and competitive spirit, teams will decipher clues and take on challenges taking them all around the OC area. Winners will be announced at the “Be Our Guest” Welcome Reception & Event Kickoff back at the hotel! Transportation will be provided.

7:30 PM

“Be Our Guest” Welcome Reception & Event Kickoff
Meet your fellow peers and colleagues while enjoying some conversations and cocktails

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8:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition 

8:45 AM

Welcome and Keynote
“Every Company is a Software Company:” Reimagining Your Business and its Environment in the Digital Era

Alessandro Vigilante, Head of Global Innovation Ecosystem, Fidelity Investments
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Corporate strategy has evolved from being focused on profit maximization to an innovation risk management function. Simultaneously, digital-native startups have perfected growth, scale-up and innovation management. Scouting for disruptive innovative companies, and matching the right opportunities with the corporate’s needs, have become core drivers of corporate growth. This session will unpack how organizations can successfully leverage digital disruption and technology to remain competitive in an ever-changing market.


  • Framework for working with multiple participants of the external innovation ecosystem
  • Best practices in maximizing internal relevance of your external scanning efforts
  • Techniques for success while maximizing action with internal needs and short-circuiting external opportunities

9:45 AM

Organizational Success Story
Going from Customer Focused to Customer Obsessed

Mohan Nair, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions
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The business community is currently obsessed with human-centered design, rapid product prototyping, experience innovation and thinking like start-ups. The idea is—the more we know and act on the consumer, the more we have competitive advantage.

This session challenges the conventional notion and provides a different lens to success.


  • Framework to develop new ways to understand customers, and how you can win their hearts and minds
  • Examples from the Cambia Health Solutions journey
  • Fresh Perspective on an alternative strategy in the race to understand and win customers

10:15 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break 

10:45 AM

Concurrent Collaboration Zones – Best Practices

Best Practice sessions examine a real world use case, dissect the best practices employed, and explore how to apply them to your own initiative and company.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Human Centered Design

Randy Simms, Senior Vice President of Innovation – Experience Design, Maddock Douglas
Nicole Wojcik, Vice President- Strategic Partnerships, Maddock Douglas
Learn More
Today’s innovation focuses on exceeding customer satisfaction, in order to stay relevant you must find the WOW- factor in your products. In this robust interactive session you will discuss best practices around the innovation process to encourage an experimenter’s mindset on your team, generating value without over-investing, varieties of prototypes, and de-risking your decisions when focusing on customer experience and expectations.


  • Insight on or end user desirability and knowing which ideas to prototype and how
  • Framework to aligning stakeholders and work teams around a singular vision
  • Proven ways to communicate the value of your investment in experimentation to leadership
Zone 2. Fueling Innovation through Powerful Partnerships

Amy Sorrells, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, Oracle
Tiffany Thompson, Director, Global Marketing Strategic Partnerships & Events, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator
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The next five to ten years promise revolutionary changes that will transform entire industries and create new technology frontiers – from healthcare to education to government and beyond – and it will require partnerships that spur and support collaboration and innovation ecosystems. Tomorrow’s leaders will enable partner networks where co-development, co-creation and co-innovation can thrive. Learn how and why it’s vital for your business in this interactive session.


  • Framework to identify and create a powerful partner ecosystem
  • Examples of successful partnerships that were the catalyst for innovation
  • Pitfalls of remaining alone without a partner
Zone 3. Going Digital: Transforming R&D to Beat the Competition

Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation and NPD Solution Evangelist, Planview
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Digital Transformation is impacting how every company does business – or at least the ones who want to remain relevant and competitive. But digital transformation is not just about IT and the impact of technology in the company. It spans the whole business and includes strategy, people, processes, applications, products, services, customers, and even day-to-day operations. With such a massive shift in the marketplace, how can R&D move beyond simply responding to these challenges, towards embracing these opportunities to deliver innovative, differentiated products and services that leave the competition in the dust.

  • Insights on the impact of digital transformation across all industries and how R&D needs to evolve to stay ahead of the curve
  • Framework for evaluating your innovation program and NPD commercialization process in the context of the digital era
  • Case studies from industry leaders on making the leap to digital

11:45 AM

Concurrent Sessions
Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel
Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.


The Fix
Crowdsourcing Tactical Solutions to Our Most Vexing Challenges
Learn More
Share your smarts! Choose between six themed brainstorming sessions and crowdsource solutions to the most vexing challenges facing product developers and innovators today. These are thirteen minute rapid fire sessions with three rotations. First come, first serve, so choose wisely! Each brainstorm group will build upon the other to build a list of readily operationalized ideas to these common challenges.

Choose one topic for each of the three rotations:

The Fix on Digital Crowd Sourcing Innovation
Hosted by Andrew Douglass, Research & Director, Open Innovation, Clorox

The Fix on Ethical Product Development
Hosted by Alex Tipton, Research and Development Director, Discovery and Disruption, PepsiCo

The Fix on Innovating in Regulated Industries
Hosted by Jim McMahon, Senior Director, Product Development, Cleveland Clinic

The Fix on Business Model Innovation
Hosted by Jeffrey Worsham, Sector Lead, Innovation, Northrop Grumman Corporation

The Fix on Blockchain as a Transformer for Business
Hosted by James Regenor, Business Unit Director, Transformative Technologies, Moog, Inc.

The Fix on Disrupting and Igniting Innovation
Hosted by Alex Goryachev, Senior Director, Innovation Strategy and Programs, Cisco

12:30 PM

Hosted by:

Food For Thought – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts.
The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:35 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:40 PM

Concurrent Collaboration Zones – Roundtables

Choose one of the following concurrent zones:

Zone 1. Connecting Strategy and Execution: Best Practices for Achieving Innovation and Business Goals


Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation & NPD Solution Evangelist, Planview
Learn More
In today’s competitive environment, every industry is being forced to accelerate innovation and deliver breakthrough products and services to market, using only the resources they have. But how do companies ensure they’re approving the right initiatives to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives? How do they ensure they have the right balance of breakthrough versus incremental projects and products in the pipeline? Short-term versus long-term growth? And how do they determine if they are “on track” to deliver success?


  • Insight on the critical importance of defining and communicating the corporate strategy to ensure alignment of all work execution
  • Collaborate on the key ingredients and components required to connect strategy and execution in your organization via an interactive exercise
  • Best practices to avoid some of the common pitfalls when balancing your product portfolio
Zone 2. Validating Your Innovation Pipeline through Customer Insights, Ideation & Empathy

Ryan Frederick, Principal, AWH
Learn More
Innovation’s success is determined by its customers. Many aspects of customer validation are counter-intuitive, making it a challenge to properly implement the insights gained in a timely manner. This interactive session will discuss how to ask the right questions, elicit customer insight early, and tap into their thought process to support ideation in the early stages of product conception and creation.


  • Examples of why speed matters even more than we think
  • Techniques to turn negative feedback into success
  • Framework for going beyond customer validation to adoption and use
Zone 3. Making Uncertainty Your Friend


David Matheson, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SmartOrg
Learn More
Will your innovation portfolio achieve your growth goals? Many companies fall short because the forces of conservatism make project small, often hiding big ideas inside mediocre projects. Teams tend to focus on the next step in the stage gate or work issues in their comfort zone, rather than really understand what it takes to demonstrate and drive the upside. In this interactive workshop, work with your peers to assess your own situation and develop insights into how you can drive more growth from your portfolio.


  • Assessment of your portfolio’s ability to achieve your innovation growth goals
  • Methods for finding and driving the hidden upside in your projects
  • Decluttering to make room for innovation
  • Key practices and tools for taking good risks and pivoting your portfolio

3:00 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

3:30 PM

Ask the Experts! Panel Discussion
IoT: Changing the Way Value & Profit Are Created


Jeffrey Worsham, Sector Lead, Innovation, Northrop Grumman Corporation


Alex Goryachev, Senior Director, Innovation Strategy and Programs, Cisco
April Bertram, Business Development Director, Smartlink Solutions, GOJO Industries
Kyle Joseph, Senior Innovation Strategist & IoT Catalyst, Bosch North America
Ash Kulkarni, Senior Vice President & General Manager Web Performance & Security, Akamai Technologies
Bruce Wiatrak, Senior Director – IoT, Newell Brands – First Alert
Learn More
In the infant Internet of Things domain, companies are clamoring for differentiation in a rapidly morphing market space. Do you and your organization know the risks and opportunities? In this session, a panel of industry experts will discuss what is working, and what isn’t, and how to capitalize on this $267B market


  • Lessons learned? The (past) pitfalls and IoT security
  • Examples of successful differentiation of IoT offerings
  • Technology blueprints for compatibility, interoperability & interface centralization

4:15 PM

INTERACTIVE – Tech Capabilities Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: A Hands-On Exercise in Unleashing the Power of Technology

Shomik Majamudar, Vice President Tech Vision, Frost & Sullivan
Sudeep Basu, Practice Leader, Innovation & Services, Frost & Sullivan
Learn More
Emerging and disruptive technologies are enabling powerful innovations by converging with other advanced technologies to generate multi-billion dollar markets across the globe. At the core, technology convergence involves overlaying two or more emerging or existing technologies to create unique value propositions which could be commercialized. While each emerging technology on its own represents an area of intensified R&D, heightened investments, increased IP activity, and tremendous market potential, the possible convergence of several technologies opens up unprecedented opportunities for new revenue models and the next generation of innovative product and solutions.

Bulletproof your future by getting ahead on the innovation cycle; engaging with peers to generate insights; and identifying disruptive business opportunities.


  • Insight on how to identify the technologies that are changing the direction and landscape of multiple industries
  • Best practices for convincing internal stakeholders to pursue technology convergence strategies
  • Action items to leverage the ecosystem of technology partners to enable convergence

5:30 PM

Four Truths and a Lie Networking Reception
Enjoy playing detective, while deciphering the truths from the lies! Guess correctly and you will be entered to win a fantastic prize.

6:45 PM

Dine Around Downtown Disney
Join your colleagues as we kick back, relax and embrace the magic of Downtown Disney with a spectacular fireworks finale! We’ll start by indulging in Mediterranean classics, followed by some Mexican flair and margaritas. Last stop of the evening will be garnished with New Orleans inspired desserts in a swingin’ 2 – story jazz palace as we cap off the night with networking and amazing views of the fireworks show off the balcony!

Participant Fee: $75

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Feel free to come down in your most comfortable travel wear so you can check out early, store your bags and ensure a stress-free day.

6:30 AM

Early Riser’s Run/ Walk

Calling all walkers, joggers and runners! Lace up your sneakers and get your endorphins flowing with a little exercise. It’s the perfect start to a great day of content and networking!

Early Riser’s Yoga

Calling all yogis! Get energized while building strength and flexibility with us. This upbeat, creative yoga practice, will link breath and movement to keep you present and centered. We’ll utilize Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements to help you face the day with a courageous spirit.

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast and Exhibition

8:30 AM

Ice Breaker and Transformational Keynote – Pushing the Boundaries on Your Risk-Taking Comfort Level

Leland Maschmeyer, Chief Creative Officer, Chobani
Learn More
Is innovation as rule bound, process born, and framework explained books make it seem? If you accept that the sole source of innovation is humans, the answer is decisive: “No.” Our messiness, contradictions, dynamics, and complexities are the soil, water, and seed of “innovation.” To build a culture of innovation, leaders should not contort human messiness into an engineered process, but, instead, honor the inherent process within human messiness.


  • An alternative history of innovation
  • Peculiar insight into what a culture of innovation really is
  • Best practices for building a culture of innovation

9:30 AM

Branding Success– Bringing Your Innovations to Life through Savvy Storytelling

Alex Tipton, Research and Development Director, Discovery and Disruption, PepsiCo
Learn More
Innovation in any field is always more valuable if it is easily understood by key stakeholders. One of the best ways to do that is through communicating the value quickly and effectively through storytelling. Our brains are hard wired to process and retain stories and during this session we will discuss tips for storytelling, cover two case studies on innovation and learn the power of delivering a powerful pitch!


  • Techniques to deliver a fast, effective pitch to Leadership or customers to help them see the value of your innovation
  • Insight on enabling simple explanations of technical concepts and how to tie that into your innovation message
  • Storytelling 101: Blueprint your capability around describing why people should get excited about your innovation through understanding of all the key components of what makes up a good story
  • Framework of how disruption is defined by large companies and help answer key questions like ‘Should a company develop innovation that disrupts itself?’

10:00 AM

Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break

11:00 AM

Concurrent Collaboration Zones – ThinkTanks

ThinkTank sessions employ interactive team exercises in a “roll up your sleeves” learning environment.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Benchmarking Success – Analytics, KPIs and Metrics for Innovation Management

Clay Moore, Vice President of Customer Success, Jama Software
Tim Anderson, Principal Segment Marketing Manager, Jama Software
Learn More
Every so often new products deliver brilliance. Yet, millions of ‘me-too’ products are launched each year devoid of any real innovation. What’s happening? To achieve product success, teams must keep the risk vs. reward trade-off in mind during the entire development process. Engineers are usually focused squarely on Risk retirement, leaving the Product Manager responsible for keeping eyes on the Reward. KPI’s are excellent tools for focusing teams and organizations on both sides of the equation. Watching the wrong metrics will have your team viewing the world through a rearview mirror, potentially hindering innovation.


  • Framework for crafting metrics which keep innovation front and center
  • Lessons learned from teams who focused too heavily on risk, at the expense of innovation
  • Tools for creating forward looking metrics and KPIs which lead teams towards product success
Zone 2. Capitalizing on the Power of a Million Minds: Innovation and Strategic Product Development through Crowdsourcing and Social Media Tools

Matt Johnston, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Indiegogo
Learn More
During this session, you will gain a fresh perspective on crowd-powered innovation and learn to use a new project template for including crowdsourcing and social media in your product launch strategies. Teams will collaborate on a fun exercise to rapidly developing a pre-launch strategy for a new product.


  • Fresh perspective showing that better product development starts with early-adopters in mind
  • Best practices for using crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and social media
  • Examples of how to bring crowd-powered innovation into larger organizations

12:30 PM

Hosted by:

Food For Thought- Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders
Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:35 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:40 PM

Concurrent Collaboration Zones – Peer Councils Peer Council sessions are participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns. Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Influencing Up: Partnering with Internal Advocates to Demonstrate Value to the C-Suite

Dana Mata, Transformation Leader and Agile Coach: Speed to Market, Innovation Group, Wells Fargo
Learn More
Companies are striving to be leaders in innovation but there is still resistance. How do you innovate while navigating through an obstacle course of operational restrictions and organizational silos? This session will highlight some keys to success, including: gaining executive level funding and organizational buy-in for projects, influencing and maximizing C-Suite sponsorship, and engaging stakeholders while minimizing opposition.


  • Best practices for mitigating risks, building coalitions, and aligning on goals and objectives
  • Critical factors in driving value, gaining support, and sustaining momentum
  • Tools for mastering political and managerial competence
Zone 2. To Centralize or De-Centralize? Where Should Innovation and Product Development Live Within the Organization?

Carey Ransom, Chief Operating Officer,
Learn More
How does your organization think about and define innovation?  Does the organizational model support that definition?  Does your culture require centralized product development inside a business unit and innovation living there, or does it/could it support a centralized innovation area, where new product concepts are developed?  Let’s explore the definitions and models that are being used today, and what’s working and not. Innovation is a broad and often dangerous word in an organization – it can mean different things to different people.  Defining innovation for your organization in examples and desired outcomes will help bring clarity and alignment.  Fitting innovation into centralized or de-centralized structures also poses trade-offs. In this interactive session let’s explore the many forms and approaches and share what’s working (and not) in many different companies and industries. We’ll get together in small groups and operationalize how you guide the discussion and organizational proposal for driving innovation in your company.


  • Insight into the various definitions and types of innovation
  • Frameworks for guiding discussion and alignment in your organization
  • Best Practices to staffing and organizational approaches to match with innovation types and desired outcomes
  • Template to compare and contrast centralized and de-centralized innovation teams

2:40 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

2:45 PM

Game Changer Brave New World: Embracing Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR and Native Voice Capabilities to Radically Change Innovation

Woojin Kim, Chief Medical Information Officer, Nuance Communications
Learn More
The emerging digital landscape, including technologies like artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and AR/VR are transforming many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, customer service, retail, and finance to enrich and augment our lives. It is essential for today’s business leaders to learn about these technologies as well as to separate the hype from reality. Where is the technology today? Where is it heading in 2018 and beyond? In this session, you will examine that by understanding and embracing these technologies you can innovate your company and gain a competitive edge.


  • Framework on the hype vs. reality of AI and AR/VR
  • Best practices to successfully leverage these technologies
  • Insight on the trends of AI and AR/VR for 2018 and beyond
  • Blueprint of what you need to know as business leaders about AI and AR/VR to drive innovation and competitive advantage

3:10 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

3:40 PM

Change Agent What Millennials Value: Upending Traditional Beliefs to Achieve Dynamic Product Innovation

Hardy Simes, Innovation Leader, Office of the Future, HP
Learn More
Millennials already represent the largest demographic in the workforce today, and Millennials bring new expectations to the choices they make across their work and personal lives. How do organization create the experiences that meet needs of Millennials as employees and as customers?


  • What Millennials Value: key findings from research on evolving needs of modern workforce, workplace, and workstyles
  • Success factors for end-to-end insights to innovation – from innovation strategy to portfolio planning to experience design to business models
  • Lessons learned: Cross-industry case studies, including HP’s experience reinventing approach to the traditional PC

4:15 PM

Capstone Keynote
Culture Eats Strategy: Using it to Your Advantage to Inspire Innovation Action

John Klick, Innovation Catalyst, Dare to Try Program, Pfizer
Learn More
How do established organizations compete with the agility of small start-ups? How do you get everyone in your organization to think and act like entrepreneurs? This session will discuss the best practices for installing an innovation & experimentation culture to inspire action.


  • Techniques for aligning on a common mindset and framework
  • Strategies for adopting an “experimenters” mindset
  • Framework to use champion networks to expand your reach
  • Blueprint for partnering with start-ups to get the early advantage

4:45 PM

12th Annual New Product Innovation & Development: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Concludes

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*Please note participation incurs an additional fee for those other than Growth Innovation Leadership Council Members. See registration page for details.

How can enterprises and universities come together to create strategic and collaborative engagements at every stage of innovation and through the commercialization process? UCI is reinventing the way university innovation is done by expanding on a historical track record of over $14.5 billion in university connected start-up funding. By changing the way industry and university’s collaborate, UCI is engaged with a network of venture capitalists, angel investors, programming partners and domain experts, who work together under one roof to create scalable products and services, all located under one roof. Join us for a tour of The Cove, UCI’s state-of-the-art innovation facility, to see first hand how the organization is accelerating entrepreneurial success and building more start-ups to expand Orange County’s role as a national and global leader in scalable innovation.

8:00 AM

Networking Breakfast

8:45 AM

Shuttle to Site

9:30 AM

Innovation Center Immersion

12:00 PM

Networking Luncheon

1:00 PM

Executive Roundtable on Emerging Models for Innovation: The Power of University and Corporate Partnerships

Learn More


  • Insight on how industry leaders, domain experts and university faculty can work together to create commercially viable products and services
  • Guide to the systems and tools to make enterprise and university partnerships seamless
  • Blueprint for creating a collaborative innovation culture across the organization, and extending that culture into the broader community

2:00 PM

UCI Applied Innovation Lab Immersion and Executive Roundtable Concludes

2:30 PM

Shuttle Returns to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa