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I Build Products, I Sell Products: My Top 20 List

By Sridhar Solur Executive Vice President and General Manager/ Chief Product Officer SharkNinja In the last two decades, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to build products and services for customers around the world. From very large computer and security networks for government to B2C music services, SAAS platforms (Cloudprint),...

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Take advantage of a sincere invitation to sample Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Innovation Leadership Council by being a guest at our next Virtual Executive Assembly. These live webinar events feature experts in the field discussing the latest best practices and learnings on topics like innovation, growth strategies, product development, and more....

Webinar Week: New Product Innovation & Development – Essential Take-Aways

By Patricia Jacoby Senior Editor, Marketing Frost & Sullivan To continue to address your desire to learn, grow and innovate, Frost & Sullivan recently created a week’s worth of virtual content which was presented live by a select group of speakers from the upcoming event. Each 30 minute presentation was followed by a 30 minute interactive...